Join me starting December 30th to THRIVE!




 Edit: THRIVE has been postponed to being February 11th — see HERE for details!

THRIVE Group Coaching with Laurie Coyle Certified Holistic Health Coach

It’s all virtual; we’ll gather for four bi-weekly one-hour Spreecasts (live webinars where you’ll see & hear me, and can join the chatroom with your fellow participants and ask me questions directly), plus you’ll get a private facebook group where you can connect with others on the journey, as well as receive regular e-mail notes from me delivered directly to your inbox three times a week with journal prompts and audio and video from me and guest posters related to decluttering the following areas:

Home Environment — what are you holding onto that isn’t serving you? Is your home a nurturing sanctuary, or do you dread walking in the door? Does it light you up to invite friends over, or do you frantically run around stashing things in overflowing cupboards when a guest is expected?

Relationships — navigating the waters of your time with your significant other (or in the search for a significant other!), in your marriage, while parenting, relating to your parents/siblings/close family members, friendships & work relationships; letting go of relationships that don’t serve you, and all the emotions that come up during that process.

Food/Body — meal planning, movement made simple, getting rid of cravings for good, emotional eating, healthy & sustainable weight-loss, eating for  radiant health, detoxing your fridge, pantry and body.

Career & Money Management — take charge of your finances and your career, remove obstacles to true wealth and a healthy bank account. Charge your worth and learn to love your work/do work you love!

Calendar — spend your time on things you love, and with those you love, instead of time-wasters! Find secrets to easy productivity and joyful progress every day!

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN and I truly hope you will join me.

Register before Friday December 6th Friday December 13th (Deadline Extended!) and get all of this for only $97!
The price will go up to $197 on the 14th — so get in now, before it’s too late. This would make a pretty rockin’ gift for that friend who’s always talking about getting her life on track… or a really fun way to keep those New Year’s Resolutions! (Just drop us an e-mail after checkout if it’s a gift for a friend!)

Just click HERE to Register NOW for THRIVE — True Health & Wellness for Busy Ladies
6-week Group Coaching Adventure, Begins Monday December 30th — New Year’s Eve-Eve! 

 Edit: THRIVE has been postponed to being February 11th — see HERE for details!

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  • Rayna Diane Hennen December 6, 2013, 4:05 pm

    favorite line: “frantically run around stashing things in overflowing cupboards” since I just moved into a bigger apartment this isn’t as much of an issue but I can tell you only a few months ago, it was! :)

  • Laurie Coyle December 6, 2013, 7:10 pm

    hahaha Rayna! You know it! For me it took getting a dumpster and building new cabinets to finally get the piles to disappear (or at least eventually have a place to go in an organized fashion!).


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